Giving refugees access to the workplace

We are Refergon

Refergon is an online platform to provide refugees access to the workplace

We recruit skilled refugees and match them with employment opportunities in businesses, organizations and social enterprises, breaking the barriers to their employability and actively contributing to the improvement of their livelihoods.
We identify skill building and vocational training opportunities for unskilled refugees through NGOs and academic institutions and we ensure that no educational opportunity goes missing and that refugees are equipped with the certification necessary to join the workforce.

Our Stories

Did you know that investing €1 in welcoming refugees can yield nearly €2 in economic benefits within 5 years?

(Source: ”Refugees Work: A Humanitatian Investment that Yields Economic Dividends”,
Philippe Legrain, May 2016)

In the OECD and the European Union, immigrants who have been resident for less than five years show unemployment rates that are 5 and 9 percentage points higher than among native-born people

(Source: OECD 2015 Report)

At a time when most OECD countries face severe budget constraints, “integration needs to be seen as a long-term investment raising immigrants’  employment levels to those of natives would generate  between 0.5 and 1 percentage point of GDP in fiscal revenue”.

(Source: OECD 2014 Report)

727,000 immigrants are currently living in Greece with a residence permit, accounting for 7% of the population. Integrating these immigrants and offering them the possibility to make a living is fundamental. It increases their contribution to the Greek economy and society and also raises acceptance of immigration.

*(Source: “Greece Policy Brief-March 2016/Migration”, OECD)

Why provide refugees access to the workplace?

Refugees can contribute economically in many ways: as workers of all skill levels, entrepreneurs, innovators, taxpayers, consumers and investors. Their efforts can help create jobs, raise the productivity and wages of local workers, lift capital returns, stimulate international trade and investment, and boost innovation, enterprise and growth.

From a global perspective, enabling people to move to more technologically advanced, politically stable and secure countries boosts their economic opportunities and world output.


Our Stories


I worked in an Ail company as a technical supervisor.  In 2012 I went to Georgia where I became a Christian. This resulted in becoming a political prisoner in Iran and having my family´s assets confiscated. In 2015 I left Iran and arrived in Greece…


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