Are you a refugee?

Paper Work

1. Get an AFM number

An AFM number is a tax number. To get one of these you need to go in person to a local tax office. It is not possible to get an AFM number online.

Tax offices can be found across the country. You should look for the one nearest to where you are staying. Here is a list of all the tax offices in Greece. The list is arranged in alphabetical order in English. If you are having trouble understanding it and locating your nearest tax office try to find an English speaker to help you. Or you can send a message to the Refugee.Info Facebook Page.

All tax offices in Greece are required to be open between 07:30 to 14:30.

You do not need an appointment. Make sure you take your Full Registration Card with you.

Once at the tax office be prepared to wait a while to get your AFM number.

Also please be aware that the right for refugees to work after full registration is a very recent Greek law.This means the tax office may not be fully aware of this. If a tax office refuses to give you an AFM number, try another tax office.

2. Get an AMKA Number

AN AMKA number is your work and insurance ID. It is related to your benefits and pension. It is also linked to paying your insurance contributions and issuing your health booklet.

To get one you need to go in person to an IKA, or a KEP office. It is not possible to get an AMKA number online. Most offices open at 7:30 and close at 15:00. You do not need an appointment.

Here is a useful search tool which lets you search for KEP offices in your region in Greece

There is also a list of IKA offices here.

Make sure you take your AFM number and your Full Registration Card with you to the IKA or KEP office.

You will be issued with your AMKA at the office. You may also get a card sent to you at a later date in the post.

3. Get an IKA Number

After you have been offered a job you need to get an IKA number. You need to get an IKA number before your first day at work.

An IKA number allows your employer to make National Insurance contributions for you.

To get an IKA number you need to go in person to an IKA Office. It is not possible to get an IKA number online. You do not need an appointment.

You can find a list of IKA offices here.

Make sure you take your take your Full Registration Card and your job offer to the IKA Office with you.

4. Get a bank account

Most employers in Greece pay their employees their salary directly into a Greek bank account.

However, you are unable to open a bank account in Greece until you have a job. Once you get a job offer you must open a bank account to ensure that you get paid on time.

To do this, take your registration card and employer’s bank transfer information to a bank in Greece.

Your employer should provide you with their bank transfer information. If they don’t, ask them for it.

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